How SYSTRAN helped LOMBARD ODIER to be global without compromising client data privacy

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Lombard Odier Challenges

Lombard Odier’s communications department was seeking professional translation tools in order to:​

  • improve communication in the different languages used throughout the company;​
  • translate confidential content securely.​

To avoid the use of online translation solutions that are not compliant with the company’s security rules, the IT department launched a comprehensive project to cover all the translation needs and sought a professional and secure solution.


SYSTRAN translate Server

SYSTRAN quickly emerged as a potential partner due to its experience, reputation in the market and ability to offer in-house solutions.​

The solution was integrated into Lombard Odier’s daily working tools via an intranet portal and email server with the following benefits:​

  • seamlessly translate documents and emails in foreign languages​
  • reduce the risk of confidential data leaks​
  • cut translation costs


Lombard Odier refused to risk client data privacy using online translation tools​

The need for automatic translation was initially voiced by a VP assistant who had to translate minutes containing confidential content. Using online translation solutions would not have complied with the company’s security rules. ​

Two departments were particularly interested in a secure translation solution: ​

  • Communications, who need both professional translation and collaboration tools to enhance their communication in the different languages used throughout the company​
  • IT Security, who must guarantee the security of the data produced by Lombard Odier all over the world.​

The IT department launched a comprehensive project to cover all the translation needs and sought a professional and secure solution.


Machine translation smoothly integrated into the daily business workflow​

A proof of concept was put in place to test the solution in situ and compare the translation quality to the different solutions being considered.​

SYSTRAN’s solution clearly proved to provide the best results and therefore became the technological choice of Lombard Odier.​

The languages that have been deployed are: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.​

Lombard Odier uses machine translation primarily to understand documents and emails in the different languages used within the group and translate internal documents (such as minutes) with quick post-editing to save time.​

SYSTRAN’s translation services can be accessed via a web interface within the intranet or a tool integrated into the email server for translating emails.


Lombard Odier is a private bank that has been operating for over 200 years and specializes in asset management. The company considers client data privacy a priority and places prudence and risk alertness at the core of its financial strength.​

Their clients live in both strong and rapidly developing economies across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Lombard Odier is truly an international company with 26 offices around the world and 2,150 employees representing 80 nationalities.​

They place state-of-the-art technology at the heart of their successful banking solutions.

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Operational users endorsed SYSTRAN’s solutions early on. ​

Lombard Odier has specifically appreciated the quality of service offered by SYSTRAN’s team of consultants, who play an advisory and monitoring role in the project. Technologically, the last release brought new features and more modularity.​

Lombard Odier is currently planning on expanding the solution’s use within the company through APIs provided by SYSTRAN in order to:​

  • Integrate the translation solution within some of internal applications that could be localized in several languages; ​
  • Generate productivity gains by integrating machine and human translation.

Laurent Rochat

VP and Head of Applications Lombard Odier

The integration of machine translation directly into our business processes has allowed us to cut translation costs that have been quickly growing within the company due to our international expansion.


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