How SYSTRAN helped Nestlé to unify international communication and to ensure accuracy in 30 languages​

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More than 2,000 brands:

Nespresso, Cerelac, Kitkat,…

Around 450

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Nestlé Challenges

Nestlé has various needs in translation and localization across different dimensions:​

  • Consumer-based communications (multilingual websites, packaging…)​
  • Employee communications (HR, training, production, market data…)​
  • Global Business Services (operations centers located in specific countries)​

Until recently, Nestlé was all about human translation. Translation was decentralized: each market or brand had its own process which resulted in high costs and long delivery time.


SYSTRAN translate Server

Around 3,000 users at Nestlé have access to SYSTRAN Machine Translation to translate in 32 languages, mainly European and Asian languages to cover the needs of the headquarters in Europe and Global Business services centers in 7 different locations in the world, including the Philippines.​

Nestlé uses SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server hosted in a private cloud, matching their confidentiality requirements. ​

They also benefit from a seamless integration in their Translation Management System (XTM), thanks to SYSTRAN connector.


Machine translation is used by several departments to address a wide variety of use cases​ ​

Nestlé approached SYSTRAN to implement Machine Translation (MT) for 3 main reasons: process more translation volumes, reduce costs and ensure the confidentiality of the translated contents. The demand came mainly from their legal department and the global business services center that operates in 7 different locations around the world.

Machine Translation became useful in many different situations. 2 major use-cases were implemented for technical and legal documents:

  • MT-only for document understanding purposes, with a quick file translation functionality handling several types of documents including contracts or faxes (with the need for a solution able to process scanned documents or PDFs)
  • MT + Post-editing: incorporating MT in the human translation process, through a
    seamless TMS integration (XTM) which enables translators to use MT to optimize
    their productivity and translation workflow

About Nestlé

As the world’s largest food and beverage company we are driven by a simple aim: unlocking the
power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.
To deliver on this, we serve with passion, with a spirit of excellence, offering products and services for all stages of life, every moment of the day, helping people care for themselves and their families.

Our culture is based on our values rooted in respect: respect for ourselves, respect for others,
respect for diversity and respect for the future.


Nestlé approached SYSTRAN for three key reasons: handling larger translation volumes, cost reduction, and maintaining content confidentiality, particularly driven by their legal department and global business services across seven locations. They adopted Machine Translation for technical and legal documents with two primary use-cases, MT only and MT +post-edition.

Benefits are:

  • Good translation: Over the wide language coverage required by Nestlé (32 languages including including Asian and European languages)
  • User-Friendly: Solution, accessible online or through employees’ office applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint… with the ability to translate specific document formats in a few seconds (PDF, scanned documents)​
  • Compliance: Compliant solution hosted on a private cloud, matching Nestlé’s requirements for data security and GDPR standards

German Basterra

IT Tech Lead Nestlé

SYSTRAN helped us implement a centralized translation solution for Nestlé to speed up our processes and be more cost effective. ​

We address a variety of needs within the company while remaining entirely compliant with Nestlé’s data security requirements.


They also use SYSTRAN




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