How SYSTRAN helped FARFETCH to increase up to 45% efficiency across Luxury Fashion content localization


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The online marketplace is localized in 16 languages. It covers about 50 markets with localized contents such as product catalogs (3 000 products localized every day) marketing and brand content, tailored user experience and knowledge libraries for their customer service team.​

They also offer localization services for partners who are using their platform and need support to localize their assets. FARFETCH’s teams currently localize content for 38 partner websites.​

With large volumes and a large localization team, efficient translation is central in ensuring the success of FARFETCH’s ecosystem.


SYSTRAN translate Server

Initially, FARFETCH had no translation technology in place. Translation processes at the company were extremely manual.

They started their transformation journey by introducing a translation management system (TMS) to put more structure to the team’s work. They were able to manage and leverage more content and build translation memories.

However, they came to the conclusion that their translation volumes were too large to be single-handedly managed through a TMS.​

About 2 years ago, they introduced neural machine translation (NMT) to increase their content production capabilities.


Machine translation is key to increase time and cost efficiency

Since the introduction of SYSTRAN NMT integrated to FARFETCH’s TMS, major improvements have been observed.​

They have made considerable gains in efficiency with a 30 to 35% improvement, an important gain in productivity for the team that can deliver contents more quickly. ​

Time efficiency also involves a huge cost optimization of 35 to 45% which was something pleasantly surprising for FARFETCH.​

They have also observed an incremental gain of 10 to 15% in year 2 as FARFETCH engaged in a continuous improvement process with engine retraining. ​

As a result, FARFETCH is now able to re-invest savings in a continuous cycle of optimization, research, benchmarks, etc…


Founded in 2007, FARFETCH Limited is the leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry. ​

FARFETCH Marketplace connects customers in over 190 countries and territories with items from more than 50 countries and over 1,400 of brands, boutiques and department stores, delivering a truly unique shopping experience and access to the most extensive selection of luxury on a single platform.​

FARFETCH has additional businesses including Browns and Stadium Goods, New Guards Group and Luxury New Retail initiative or FARFETCH Platform Solutions.​

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  • SYSTRAN offers a user-friendly solution that is interconnected to FARFETCH’s workflow without disrupting the localization team’s operations​
  • The flexibility and adaptability of SYSTRAN’s team was crucial to understand and address FARFETCH’s needs adequately
  • SYSTRAN has a great service mindset​ with transparent communications with clients​
  • Building customized NMT engines for specific types of content resulted in a very good quality output

Alex Katsambas

Senior Head of Localization Services​ FARFETCH

Our work with SYSTRAN almost evolved into a partnership, a relationship that is very important for us in terms of how we want to move forward.


They also use SYSTRAN




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