Translate your voice to text in any language, with the new Speech Translation tool

For business users seeking to increase their audience with multilingual subtitles or gain more insight from spoken interactions, Speech Translation is a perfect tool to transcribe and translate. An all-in-one tool for speech to text with the quality, security, and privacy of SYSTRAN.

Empowering Multilingual Success across use cases

Speech Translation offers a broad spectrum of advantages

  • For Marketing, it means reaching a global audience with ready-to-use multilingual subtitles.
  • For E-learning, you can swiftly transcribe, and translate training audio and video content for worldwide audiences.
  • For Analytics and Customer Service, translated transcription lets you uncover the value of all your audio and video data.
  • For E-discovery & Risk management, you can efficiently analyze and understand multilingual audio and video data from various sources, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential legal and operational risks.

High-quality Speech Recognition meets cutting-edge SYSTRAN Translation

Discover the features of highly efficient speech-to-text transcription, powered by OpenAI’s advanced Whisper model and accelerated using the powerful inference tool, CTranslate2, actively maintained by SYSTRAN.



Highly efficient serving, optimized for GPU or even CPU-only inference


Easy edition

Immediately check where you edit with timestamps and synchronized audio player



Transcribe accurately even with accents, background noise, code-switching


Large format coverage

Get subtitles for a wide range of audio and video files: .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .webm, and many more!

A new powerful SYSTRAN tool

With support for 55+ languages, our platform ensures your content reaches a global audience while prioritizing data security and privacy through secure server execution. Seamlessly integrate transcription and translation features directly within SYSTRAN Translate for a comprehensive, all-in-one translation experience.

  • Quality: With robust speech recognition combined with state-of-the-art fully managed and continuously trained translation models, you can reach a wider audience by producing multilingual subtitles ready for use.
  • Multilingual: Our solution supports 55+ languages for transcription and translation
  • Security and privacy: Preserves data confidentiality, by providing execution of open-sourced model on a SYSTRAN secure server.
  • Flexibility & Integration: Speech Transcription and Translation features directly available inside SYSTRAN Translate – seamless integration that offers complete translation all in one place.

Integrated with the tools you need

SYSTRAN’s translation engines do not store or use your data and are compliant with all local privacy laws.

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