Language Catalog

More than just a catalogue of languages:
50 years of know-how leveraged by technological excellence!

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Western Europe

  • icon Catalan
  • icon Danish
  • icon Dutch
  • icon English
  • icon Finnish
  • icon French
  • icon German
  • icon Greek
  • icon Icelandic
  • icon Italian
  • icon Norwegian
  • icon Portuguese
  • icon Spanish
  • icon Swedish
  • icon Welsh
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Eastern Europe

  • icon Albanian
  • icon Armenian
  • icon Bulgarian
  • icon Croatian
  • icon Czech
  • icon Estonian
  • icon Georgian
  • icon Hungarian
  • icon Latvian
  • icon Lithuanian
  • icon Polish
  • icon Romanian
  • icon Russian
  • icon Serbian
  • icon Slovak
  • icon Slovenian
  • icon Ukrainian
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  • icon Bengali
  • icon Burmese
  • icon Chinese (Traditional)
  • icon Chinese (Simplified)
  • icon Hindi
  • icon Indonesian
  • icon Japanese
  • icon Korean
  • icon Malay
  • icon Punjabi
  • icon Tagalog
  • icon Tamil
  • icon Thai
  • icon Vietnamese
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Middle East & Africa

  • icon Arabic
  • icon Dari
  • icon Persian
  • icon Hausa
  • icon Hebrew
  • icon Pashto
  • icon Somali
  • icon Swahili
  • icon Tajik
  • icon Turkish
  • icon Urdu
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North America

  • icon American English
  • icon Canadian English
  • icon Canadian French
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South America

  • icon Brazilian Portuguese
  • icon Spanish

More than just a catalog of languages: 50 years of know-how leveraged by technological excellence!

SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server offers unique customization features to allow your teams to continuously improve the translation quality.

Use your own assets: dictionaries, glossaries, translation memories with our Linguistic Asset Management tool. Receive and manage user feedback easily.

Benefit from a unique feature ‘Coding Engine’: when a Neural MT engine has been trained with this technology, users can then add their own User Dictionaries and their terminology will be instantaneously translated as requested.

Users don’t need to be linguists or developers to create dictionaries. Our Coding Engine, a linguistic tool with 50 years of knowledge behind it, will do all the work for them so that all inflected forms of their terms will be translated.


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Generic models are only a starting point: SYSTRAN specialization know-how

Achieve greater accuracy with SYSTRAN domain-specific engines and specialized translation models. Translation models can be built based on your existing corpus (bilingual or monolingual text). If your company doesn’t have enough data, we can provide access to our own Corpus Factory, a substantial internal database encompassing monolingual and bilingual text with free or purchased intellectual property rights.

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