Bridge language gaps fast, create new opportunities

SYSTRAN bridges language gaps no matter the application – from documentation to captioning, localization to digital forensics, chat to speech to text and many more.


Multilingual Communication & Collaboration

Improve international collaboration with a secure Machine Translation solution.

Provide to your employees a centralized and secure translation server to keep all sensitive company information secure, while providing accurate translations tailored specifically to you brand and technical terminology.

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Global Customer service & Support

Speak the Language of International Customer Support

Real time customer service demands real time language translation. Simple integration with ServiceNow and Zendesk empowers your customer service on a global scale.

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Forensics & e-discovery

Make multlingual eDiscovery & forensics quick and secure

Overcome language barriers to provide valuable insights for cross-border legal disputes and forensic process.

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Content localization

Build International Sales Momentum with SYSTRAN NMT

To succeed in global markets, multilingual content must be on-message and on-brand – without exception. Fast, inexpensive and accurate translation of websites, messaging and sales materials is key for any organization looking to grow internationally.

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Education & Elearning

Localize Training Materials – Instantly and Inexpensively

Language gaps in training and eLearning assets can render them counterproductive. SYSTRAN fills those gaps, immediately.

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Big data analysis for government

Process quickly and securely large amounts of multilingual information from various sources

It includes websites, social media, audio transcripts and more for Military intelligence, Territory surveillance and counter-terrorism, Cyber defense, Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing…