How SYSTRAN helped Stellantis to go from on-demand intranet translation to custom business apps



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Case Study

Stellantis Challenges

As a multinational company, Stellantis was looking to facilitate communication and collaboration between its employees from all over the world. ​
​The Information System Director wanted to integrate a translation tool into the Group’s Intranet Portal that would:​

  • allow employees to translate and understand in real time a range of multilingual content (PowerPoint presentations, Word or Excel documents, PDFs, email, etc.)​
  • be supported by robust guarantees in terms of IT security for the 90,000 users of the Group’s Intranet Portal.​


SYSTRAN translate Server

After having conducted a study, Stellantis chose SYSTRAN, whose machine translation solution has proven to best meet the Group’s needs and expectations.​

SYSTRAN’s machine translation has been implemented into the Group’s IT infrastructure.​

The 3,000 daily users are now able to:

  • understand in real time different types of documents
  • translate technical repair process documentation in 22 languages​
  • produce multilingual content without risking confidentiality


From a communication tool to a production tool​

Translation quality is guaranteed with four profiles for content selection and a 25,000-term “automotive” French-English dictionary. Stellantis users can enhance efficiency with the SYSTRAN Toolbar, compatible with Microsoft Office apps and web browsers. Initially aiding comprehension, these tools now facilitate multilingual document creation.

To meet demand, an email translation service ensures confidential and speedy translations of sensitive content.

About Stellantis

With sales and revenue of €54 billion in 2015, the Stellantis Group designs unique automotive experiences and delivers mobility solutions that provide freedom and enjoyment to customers around the world. The Group leverages the models from its three brands, Peugeot, Citroën and DS, as well as a wide array of mobility services including the Free2Move brand, to meet the evolving needs and expectations of automobile users.

Stellantis is the European leader in terms of CO2 emissions, with average emissions of 104.4 grams of CO2 per kilometer in 2015, and an early innovator in the field of autonomous and connected cars, with 1.8 million such vehicles worldwide. It is also involved in financing activities through Banque Stellantis Finance and in automotive equipment via Faurecia.


Since the language tools were launched, demand has continued to rise. ​The goal of reaching 1 million requests per month has been exceeded. ​Every day, nearly 3,000 different users generate 40,000 to 50,000 requests with the tools.​ The dictionary service has also proved a resounding success in one year, notching up around 360,000 look-ups, an increase of 112%.

The success of the Intranet Portal integrated with SYSTRAN tools has prompted the business unit managers to test out SYSTRAN SERVERS APIs to carry out more specific functions. ​

Pascal Martineau

IT department Stellantis

Users really welcomed the language tools introduced onto our Intranet Portal, as shown by the regular increase of the number of requests made. Now thanks to SYSTRAN APIs, we can cater to more business-specific applications, expressed, for example, by R&D. SYSTRAN also allows our language resources to be shared, which is a real bonus.


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