What are the different types of professionnal translations

Financial Translation

Financial translation is a specialty in its own right, which plays an important role in international trade, economics, banking, accounting…It supports a very precise and technical language, in the financial sector : annual reports, order forms, payment orders, KYC documents…The financial Translation concerns various important documents that mlust be understood in the mother tongue of the recipient. But these documents may be confidential, so you must ensure the security of it. Or advice : to protect this data, using a secure translation solution is the safest solution .

Medical translation

Medical translation includes both the translation of medicinal product, medical device or instructions for use and reports and other information documents on medicinal products (clinical trial adverse reactions, medical forms or medical studies. It therefore requires great precision and good mastery of the jargon specifics to the translated medical fields. Translation of medical Device document snce may 2021, the medical device regulations have made it mandatory to translate leaflets and other documents into the 24 languages od the european union. This legislation applies on a staggered basis according to the type of medical dveice. While its implementation was pronounced in 2017, its ilmplementtaon has been delayed by the COVID-19 crises.

Good to know: to comply with these regulations, the last deadline is in 2025.

Sworn translations

Used for the translation of legal, official, commercial or administrative documents, the so-called sworn translation is provided by specialists. It can thus justify the authenticity of the translate document. But beware it can oly be carried out by experts registerd qith the court of appeal.

Litterary translations

This type of translation is specific to the translation of original cultural contentand texts. It must convey the author’s emotions and style but also rely on the level of vocabulary, sounds and word game present in the documents. The documents concerned by literary translation are: novels, plays, poetry….

Translation in our professional daily life

How to translate a PDF?

PDF documents (editable, images, scanned, etc.) are non-editable documents that are not suitable for copying and pastung. To translate a PDF with a software solution the slution must be able to extract from yhe document, translate it and recompose it in its origibal format. To do this, you can use a tool associated with ypiur computer integrated into google or microsoft suites.

How to translate a webpage

A translation plugin installed in your browser allows you to automatically translate a web page and view the results directly oon the said webpage. This avoids ripping and makes navigation much smoother – for an improved user experience.

How to translate an email

Exchanges with international customers and suppliers are mainly done by email. So ot is really useful to translate them to ytour target language directly fomr your email. Bonus: You can also translate attachments. But still be vigilant and ensure that your data is protected.

While translating email from free online solutions is convenient, there is no guarantee that the translated items will be secure. You rmails may contain sensitive and confidential information. A leak of information si quick, protect your inromations

A professional machine translation solution must be secure, powerful and simple to use and deploy. Particular attention should be paid to security when the solution is hosted in the cloud: localization, law applied… It is also important to ensure linguistic coverage, managed document formats, and the possibility of customizing the translation with your own jargon