How SYSTRAN helped Lexcelera to create a Machine and human translation winning duo, for multi-localized digitization​

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LSPs such as Lexcelera face different challenges. They need precise knowledge of their customers’ industries to master their terminologies in their specific areas of expertise.​

Moreover, the language industry is undergoing a major transformation with the digitalization and the introduction of AI. Lexcelera teams no longer produce words but their skills evolved towards data preparation to train Machine Translation and post-edition.​

Since the machine and the human translator are complementary, linguistic skills are even more important, as well as semantic analysis, mastering technical translation of specific business domains…​


SYSTRAN translate Server

Lexcelera has been using SYSTRAN Machine Translation technology for more than 10 years. Lexcelera have now access to SYSTRAN translate Server. It enables them improve machine translation output and to easily train their own translation models for specific domains, languages or even customers, thanks to SYSTRAN Model Studio.
They needed a MT that enables them to answer in a quick and effective manner to the needs of multiple large corporation customers.
They use SYSTRAN for pre-translation directly in their CAT Tool (MemoQ) thanks to SYSTRAN x MemoQ connector.


Improving quality through translation model self-training​

Lexcelera is using MT since 2008. Lexcelera started to investigate for MT when one of their clients challenged them to look for online solutions to save time and reduce costs. ​After a benchmark of several solutions, it appeared that SYSTRAN was the best one for the languages they were seeking at that time (French, German, Italian, Spanish).​ The important thing is that, thanks to MT they can gain in time and money while offering to their clients a very good quality of translation. ​

Since the introduction of SYSTRAN Model Studio, they are now able to train their own MT models in complete autonomy, their linguistic expertise and quality data being key in making the models more accurate for easier post-edition as a result.​

Info Lexcelera

Lexcelera is a language services provider in the language industry for over 30 years. They are headquartered in Paris and has offices in the UK and Canada, operating in all time zones around the world. They support their clients in their multilingual communication with content creation, translation, interpretation, videos, subtitling… and with technical content for big account including in the medical and energy industries. ​

Lexcelera is the first ISO 9001 language company and has established one of the largest networks of language experts, covering 60 countries and more than 100 languages.​

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.lexcelera.com


  • SYSTRAN offers consistent quality, it regularly wins the benchmarks Lexcelera performs on a regular basis.
  • Lexcelera is autonomous in training their own models to improve quality and accuracy of the translation in specific domains thanks to SYSTRAN Model Studio, a user-friendly self-training solution​.
  • Machine translation model training does not require a huge amount of data to be performed and takes only a couple of days​.
  • The ability to add user and normalization dictionaries to improve the output for the client’s terminology​.
  • Increase of 10 to 15 BLEU points for quality improvement for each training. High quality data provided by Lexcelera’s teams feeds the machine translation engine to significantly improve the output.

Laurence Roguet

Geschäftsführer bei Lexcelera

We have done a benchmark last year with a German tool. We have run two pilots project to compare the outputs in German and French to compare which tool was the best to keep within the organization. SYSTRAN won for both languages.


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