Vertrauen und Sicherheit

At SYSTRAN, your security is our top priority. We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data and information. That’s why we’ve implemented robust security measures to safeguard your data and ensure your peace of mind.


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SYSTRAN translate Server

Data Sicherheit

SYSTRAN Server is our on-premise solution that can be deployed behind your firewall or hosted by SYSTRAN in a private, secure cloud. The installation can be tailored to the performance and availability standards you require.

This secure architecture offers guaranteed privacy and safety and complies with your internal data security policies: client data, confidential information and trade secrets do not leave your information system.

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Security Mesures

When hosted in the cloud, translation solutions face cyber threats like data leakage and hacking. To secure your corporate documents during translation, SYSTRAN guarantees these 5 key point


Data Storage

For file translations like PDFs, useful items are stored with the option to configure automatic deletion after a specified time. This ensures data privacy and compliance with regulations like RGPD, protecting your business and sensitive data.


Protocol & Encryption

SYSTRAN implements advanced encryption, including HTTPS and TLS protocols, to protect data. The process minimizes the impact on translation speed, safeguarding your data without disrupting your operations.


Software Infrastructure

SYSTRAN uses partitioned cloud infrastructure, strong firewalls, and IP-based access restrictions to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage. They offer a private network setup for added security.


Software Compliance

SYSTRAN conducts regular pentests during major and minor releases, ensuring thorough vulnerability testing. A clear security incident response process guarantees swift issue resolution.


OWASP Commitment

SYSTRAN aligns with cybersecurity best practices from organizations like OWASP, demonstrating their commitment to secure language translation solutions.


ISO 27001 Certified

Our facilities, teams, policies, and procedures have been audited to guarantee strict adherence to prominent  security standards.

Vincent Godart, CEO SYSTRAN

“A major step and an additional guarantee for SYSTRAN customers that their data will be safe !”


Controlled access to translations

SYSTRAN solutions offer customizable access control, especially when professional translators review translations. This “role-based access control” allows you to specify user roles with varying levels of access to components and services, securing cloud access based on assigned roles and permissions.

Anonymization and access management not only enhance data security but also promote a responsible cybersecurity approach, making On-Premise solutions the forefront of data security technology. Integrating cloud-based machine translation into your daily tools saves time and enhances flexibility while safeguarding your data.

VP und Head of Applications Lombard Odier

“The major gain to date is to have secured the translation process globally and to have significantly reduced the risk of confidential data leaks”

Laurent Rochat​


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Integriert mit allen benötigten Tools

SYSTRAN lässt sich problemlos in alle gängigen Anwendungen integrieren und ermöglicht so eine akkurate, sofortige Übersetzung, um die richtigen Informationen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt zu ermitteln. Review-Teams können unabhängig von der Sprache innerhalb von Sekunden enorme Mengen an Dokumenten übersetzen und analysieren.

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Mit SYSTRAN können Sie die Kernbotschaft Ihres Unternehmens in bis zu 55 Sprachen wiederspiegeln.

  • Marketing und Werbung
  • Übersetzung von Marketinginhalten
  • Konferenzdolmetschen
  • Tonbuchübersetzung
  • Untertitelung/Synchronisierung von Videos
  • Lokalisierung von eCommerce
  • Konferenzdolmetschen
  • Übersetzung in sozialen Medien
  • Lokalisierung von Websites
  • Übersetzung von Verpackungen
  • RFP-Übersetzung
  • Übersetzung von Verkaufshilfen
  • Übersetzung der Pressemitteilung
  • Übersetzung von Marktforschungen
  • Werbetranskreation

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