We’re redefining global gaming by seamlessly bridging language gaps, ensuring every player can connect, strategize, and triumph without barriers. Join us in revolutionizing the gaming experience – where communication is as fluid as your gameplay.


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Is Your Game Professionally Localized for your Global audience ?

Make your game accessible to a global audience in half the time. Training a translation engine is a multi-step process. SYSTRAN can walk you through the required steps to successfully and accurately train a translation engine for your game design needs.

Machine Translation is a key asset in the Video Game Industry

Video games depend on the subtleties of dialogue and the written word to help build a believable world. The degree to which players can immerse themselves in the game depends on a clear, rich narrative flow.

Localisation and Product Support Manager at MGI

“Machine Translation enabled us to develop an independent localisation process, in which we successfully transitioned from human translation to post-editing. We’re now delivering twice as fast, and we’ve cut our costs by 15%.”

Henrik Schroder


SYSTRAN Solutions Adapts to Unique Game Terminology

Video games are often set in fantastical worlds, replete with novel creatures, places, weapons, races, and characters that don’t exist anywhere else. How does NMT deal with unique terms like these?

It learns. Our neural networks might start off as generalists, but we can train them to become experts in any subject we choose. That could be electrical engineering, gardening, or the various alien races scattered across a video game’s universe. S

Key Advantages

Vorteile der Verwendung von SYSTRAN



This is easy to achieve in a game’s native language. But SYSTRAN can ensure that you maintain the proper tone, references, and narrative style no matter the language.



Guarantee that important story and character details will land with the proper emotional gravity when passed through the filter of a different culture.



Games aren’t fun if the audience can’t relate to them — and certainly not if they can’t understand them. Adapt your content for different regions while generating more revenue.


Integriert mit Die benötigten Tools

SYSTRAN integrates with all major communications suites, immediately upgrading your organization’s workflows with instant translation capabilities.

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Mit SYSTRAN können Sie die Kernbotschaft Ihres Unternehmens in bis zu 55 Sprachen wiederspiegeln.

  • Marketing und Werbung
  • Übersetzung von Marketinginhalten
  • Konferenzdolmetschen
  • Tonbuchübersetzung
  • Untertitelung/Synchronisierung von Videos
  • Lokalisierung von eCommerce
  • Konferenzdolmetschen
  • Übersetzung in sozialen Medien
  • Lokalisierung von Websites
  • Übersetzung von Verpackungen
  • RFP-Übersetzung
  • Übersetzung von Verkaufshilfen
  • Übersetzung der Pressemitteilung
  • Übersetzung von Marktforschungen
  • Werbetranskreation

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