For 50+ years SYSTRAN has and continues to deliver proven translation software solutions to corporate, government and individual customers. SYSTRAN remains the preferred translation solution for technology robustness, translation speed and high overall translation quality.

Scalability and Robustness

SYSTRAN’s solutions quickly translate large volumes of documents and text. They support unlimited user access and millions of real-time and batch translations per day as demonstrated by the leading search engines, global corporations, and governments. Scalable, open and robust, SYSTRAN solutions use standard APIs, support universal file formats and are easy to integrate with third-party applications.


SYSTRAN delivers the highest translation speed available for machine translation solutions.

SYSTRAN also delivers the largest breadth of machine translation software products in the market which offer fast and cost-effective customization.

Translation Quality

Backed by 40+ years of linguistic development, SYSTRAN’s products and solutions translate almost any text out-of-the-box without any prior training, customization, or customer training data.

In addition to the company’s classic dictionary customization tools, SYSTRAN’s new hybrid MT tools allow users to train the software to a specific domain or business objective. Combined with existing linguistic knowledge, these new tools train the software to specific customer domains to improve translation quality.