Improve Communication in Multiple Languages

To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced global marketplace, companies must chart a course to growth fuelled by highly efficient international networks, local market penetration strategies and solutions designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of their customers. This implies worldwide communication with partners, customers and employees in a variety of languages. SYSTRAN machine translation solutions help companies improve communications in multiple languages.

SYSTRAN language translation solutions can be trained to a specific business objective or domain. The software generates publishable quality translations for organizations to bridge the multilingual communications gap both internally and externally.

Deliver Information in Multiple Languages

Language is an essential driver of enterprise growth. The ever-expanding volume of information to be translated demands increased efforts to conceive, draft, publish, and update texts in multiple languages. Websites, technical documentation, knowledge bases, strategic documents, and other information enhance their full value if they are translated consistently across the enterprise.

The same information must be understood by and communicated to employees, customers and partners worldwide.

Content management and the localization of websites must include the capacity for real-time translation as an integral part of the publication process.

Translate More for Less

Machine translation eliminates the main constraints of human translation: cost and capacity.
A translator usually translates 2,000 words per day for 20 cents per word.
As the volume of information grows, it surpasses the capacity of human translators and enterprise budgets. Corporations want to translate more for less and they need to do it fast.
Machine translation is the only viable solution to translate content that would not be translated otherwise because it is quick and the cost is independent of the volume translated.

Increase Human Translation Productivity

Create and Manage Enterprise Language as a Corporate Asset

Glossaries, dictionaries, corpora (a large and structured set of texts), and multilingual data are stored, shared, used, and enriched by corporate users. Systematic use of these resources guarantees consistent translation across the organization.

They contribute to the development of a common language, a corporate asset.

Integrate with Enterprise Applications

기계 번역 integrates with enterprise applications such as content management, search, eCommerce, websites, eDiscovery, and others.