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As part of its fast-growing strategy to drive the company to the next level, ADmantX needed to increase its language coverage with high translation quality across large volumes. ​

ADmantX was looking for a machine translation partner who was able to deliver high quality machine translation mit einem wide range of languages in a timely manner.


SYSTRAN translate Server

ADmantX has been using SYSTRAN translate Server since 2012.​

With the wide language coverage offered by SYSTRAN machine translation solution, ADmantX expanded its offering to all markets in Europe, North and South America and APAC.


Powering ADmantX Excellence in Any Language​

ADmantX has a unique ability to read online content the same way a human would to understand its context, by fetching website pages on request and semantically analyzing the extracted text.​ This allows advertisers, SSPs, publishers, DSPs to match ads to relevant content at granular page level, creating owned detailed consumer profiles with tailored campaigns for maximum impact. ADmantX needed a machine translation solution to rapidly extend their market coverage while maintaining an extremely high accuracy of online content comprehension for contextual analysis and consumer profiling in any language



Smooth and scalable integration of the translation workflow in ADmantX semantic engine

ADmantX started the implementation of SYSTRAN Entreprise Server with main European languages in 2012 to include later the major APAC languages, such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. ​

ADmantX integrated SYSTRAN’s translation web service to provide ADmantX semantic engine the translated texts for contextual analysis. The environment provided by SYSTRAN was scalable and able to support high volume.

The setup and maintenance of SYSTRAN translation clusters was also easily handled by ADmantX teams.​

ADmantX’s linguistic team carried out internal translation quality check across publishers and DSP inventories. SYSTRAN supported when translation improvement was needed for specific words in certain languages.

Info AdmanentX

ADmantX is a leading provider of NLP semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising, advanced brand safety and 1st party audience profiling through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and machine learning, ADmantX has a unique ability to read content the same way a human would to understand the contextual meaning within online content. This allows advertisers and publishers to match ads to relevant content at granular page level, ensuring brand safety and creating owned detailed consumer profiles so that campaigns can be tailored for maximum impact.


SYSTRAN offers a wide selection of languages, ensuring consistent high-quality translation across the board. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the management of scalable volumes, diverse languages, and performance tracking for translators. Custom language dictionaries allow for specific word and phrase translations beyond the generic solution. Furthermore, it provides a sustainable, license-based solution for high-volume translation demands, aligning perfectly with ADmantX’s needs.

Bruce Rudolph​

Chief Development Officer​ ADmantX

SYSTRAN Machine Translation solution enabled us to strengthen our presence across geographical markets with a multilingual offer, while ensuring the highest quality of contextual analysis in the target languages


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